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If you want to rank your website on Google Page 1 and stay ahead of your competition on Google results then you have arrived at the right destination.

Why Us - Let Our Results & Experience Speak For Itself

In Billion Competition We are #1

In Billion Competition (1,39,00,00,000) We are #1 position on Google for the keyword google page 1 case study.

In 507 Million Competition We are #1 & #2

In 507 million competition (50,70,00,000) We are on #1 & #2 positions on Google for the keyword google page 1 ranking.

Google page 1 ranking

We have a history with 20000+ of web pages optimization and have ranked 15000+ keywords on Google Page 1

Google page 1 Rankings
Web Pages Optimization

How We Did it

We can’t tell the secret formula of our Success but we implement it, to bring you the amazing results.

We know 'What to Do' & 'How to Do'

With over 13+ years of SEO experience, We know ‘What to Do’ & ‘How to Do’ to rank your website on Google page 1 without spamming, black-Hat or gimmick

Our vast years of work experience, research & analysis, dedication & success stories helped us Understand
'What Google Needs and What Google Wants'

Generic SEO - Ideal for generic keywords
Generic seo results

What We Do

We put our efforts to rank your website on Google Page 1 for your target keywords within the agreed time frame. We essentially elevate your keyword rankings by performing best SEO & Local SEO practices and we do all the heavy lifting for you by implementing the advanced SEO techniques. 

Local SEO – Ideal for location specific keywords
local seo google 3 pack

Website Audit

We do website audit/analysis proper keyword integration and to identify the strength and weakness of your website, we make sure the on-page factors have met the Google Webmaster Guidelines. And also make sure the Website is formatted properly for proper indexing and optimization.


Google Safe Strategies

We follow Google guidelines and perform Google friendly, panda & penguin safe techniques and also stay educated on the latest search engine algorithms. We will engage “safe” and “white-hat” SEO compliance to Google Web Master Standard without getting client web pages banned or de-listed.

Quality Link Building Tactics

Penguin, Panda, hummingbird and Google latest algorithms started causing problems almost for millions of websites. Unfortunately, many sites have been hit wrongfully by these algorithms. After careful research and analysis and proven recoveries we have developed a new linking structure that is panda/penguin & Google penalty safe. We apply the new SEO proof linking structure to your websites. 



  • Ground Zero Report (before start of work)
  • Weekly work done (activity) reports
  • Weekly keyword ranking report
  • Weekly keyword ranking comparison report
  • Monthly consolidated work done report
  • Overall results tracking report
  • Upon request we can also provide daily activity reports

OUR PRICING - Reasonable

The pricing depends on the type and size of your project. Once we analyze your details (website, keywords) and requirement, we can quote accordingly.

We never take advantage of your need; we can do things pretty inexpensively i.e just for few 100’s of Dollars and NOT for 1000’s of Dollars! High quality and result oriented SEO service for very reasonable/ affordable price made us pioneer in Google Page 1 Ranking service.

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Tell us about your project & requirement. We analyze your details and come up with Proposal (Time frame & Costs) and requirements as per necessity.

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After you review our proposal, you can discuss about it and ask for any clarifications. Upon your approval we send the Invoice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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It depends on the keyword competition and website we target. Time frame varies from keyword to keyword and website to website. Typically it takes 180 days, 120 days, 60 days, 45 days, 30 days, 1 week, or sometimes may be just 1 day!! Yes, there are cases where we ranked some websites on Google Page 1 within 24 hours. So let’s see what best we can offer you after analyzing your website & keywords.

Effective SEO tactics included, that are necessary to rank your website on Google Page 1. To name a few:

  • Website Audit/ Analysis & Suggestions
  • Keyword Analysis, Grouping & Integration
  • Onsite SEO & Off Site SEO & Google Webmaster Tools
  • Content Analysis & Marketing
  • Local SEO (for geo-targeted keywords)
  • High domain authority links & High PR link building
  • & much more….
  • Websites (New, Old & Penalized*)
  • Business Listings
  • Videos
  • Blogs & Content Links
  • Info-Graphics (Images)
  • Social Sites
  • Press releases
  • Articles
  • Presentations
  • Very High & High competition
  • Medium & Low competition
  • Generic & Geo-Targeted/ Location specific
  • Products & Service based
  • Seasonal keywords
  • Ecommerce keywords
  • Brand Keywords
  • Event Keywords
  • Commercial Keywords

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