With over 15 years of proven Lawyer SEO track record; STAR SEO can help your Law Firm rank on Google Page 1, Google Maps 3 pack and dominate local search results. We work with Great Law Firms of all sizes. 


Our extensive 15 years (& counting!) of Law firm SEO knowledge and diverse background allows us to provide you, with an excellent Digital marketing experience from start to finish and maintenance. We are a full service lawyer/ attorney SEO agency offering soup to nuts results based Digital Marketing. Our team of law firm SEO experts are here to help you with your internet marketing goals. 

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What makes us stand out from the rest

Why Us?

  • Over 15 Years (& counting!) of SEO experience
  • Optimized thousands of websites
  • We have history with 25000+ webpages optimization
  • Ranked 22000+ keywords (& counting!) on Google page 1
  • Brought millions of eyeballs to our clients websites
  • Converted thousands of visitors to Leads
  • Experienced, Affordable & Results Driven!

In 1 Billion Competition We are #1

In 1 Billion competition (1,30,00,00,000) We are on #1 position on Google for the keyword google page 1 case studies and studies.

google page 1 case study

We are #1 for Google Page 1 Case Study

See how have we helped other Law Firms (to name a few clients & keywords) rank on Google Page 1, Google knowledge Panel and Google Maps 3 pack.


keyword: Raleigh Property Division Lawyer

Raleigh Property Division Lawyer - Google page 1 case study

Keyword: Raleigh Divorce Lawyer

Raleigh Divorce Lawyer - Google Page 1 Case Study

Keyword: Raleigh Family Lawyer

Raleigh Family Lawyer - Raleigh Divorce Lawyer - Google Page 1 Case Study

CLIENT : Jonathan C. Reiter Law Firm, PLLC.

Keyword: nyc medical malpractice lawyer

nyc medical malpractice lawyer

Keyword: nyc medical malpractice attorney

Keyword: nyc medical malpractice lawyer

Bronx medical malpractice lawyer - Google page 1 case study by star seo

Keyword: nyc medical malpractice attorney

Bronx medical malpractice attorney - google page 1 case study by star seo


Keyword: Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer

Keyword: Philadelphia slip and fall accident lawyer

Philadelphia slip and fall accident lawyer google page 1 by star seo

Our Law Firm SEO Strategy Delivers
Proven 'RESULTS!'


  • You can assign all of the keywords & location that you would like to target
  • No keywords limit For On-site Optimization, Technical SEO & Keyword integration. We can optimize the website for all the assigned keywords at once.
  • There is no keyword limitation For Off-page as well, but depending on keyword competition & your targeted locations we would divide the keywords into sets. Each set may contain up to 5, 10, 20 or more keywords depending on the keyword & local competition. After we optimize & rank 1st set of keywords then we move forward to rank the next set of keywords

For example: If you assign us 20 keywords.

  1. If it’s very high competition keywords – We do On-site SEO for all the keywords and for Off-site optimization; we divide those 20 keywords in 4 sets (each set contains 5 keywords) and first promote website for those 5 keywords. Once those 5 keywords are ranked then we move forward to the next set of 5 keywords & so on…
  2. If its’ medium competition keywords – We do Onsite SEO for all the keywords and for Off-site optimization; we divide those 20 keywords into 2 sets (each set contains 10 keywords) and first promote website for those 10 keywords. Once those 10 keywords are ranked then we move forward to the next set of 10 keywords & so on…
  3. If its low competition keywords – We do On-site SEO & continue with Off-site SEO for all the 20 keywords at once.
  • Website Audit
  • Performing & Non-performing keywords
  • Google Knowledge Panels
  • Google Maps
  • Traffic & Other KPIs
  • Online reputation
  • SEO On-page & Back links
  • Content
  • Social Media activity
  • Brand visibility
  • & more..
  • Keywords
  • Google my business/ maps
  • Google knowledge graphs
  • Google maps marketing
  • Website on-page SEO
  • Local SEO performance
  • Website content
  • Best performing keywords
  • Backlinks & content marketing strategy
  • Brand marketing efforts
  • & more
  • Keyword research & analysis
  • Keywords grouping
  • Keywords for on-page factors
  • Keyword targeted content suggestions
  • Keyword integration suggestions
  • New pages creation suggestions per keyword grouping
  • Internal hyper-linking
  • Keyword grouping & integration
  • Deep-link URLs structure optimization
  • Titles optimization
  • Meta descriptions
  • Header titles (h1, h2 etc…)
  • Image alt tags
  • Content optimization
  • Internal hyper-linking with keyword anchor texts
  • Internal pages optimization
  • Optimize website for location based keywords
  • Optimize website for voice search
  • Optimize website for Google knowledge graphs
  • Optimize website for Google rich featured snippets
  • FAQ’s optimization for search engines
  • Structured data
  • & more…..

The website & its related content will be On-site & off-site optimized for 

  • Google Knowledge Graphs
  • Google Rich Snippets
  • Google Questions & Answers section
  • Produce variety of content* (long and short form) including Press releases, blog posts, articles, case studies, newsletters, ad copy, emails and other public-facing materials.
  • Conceptualize and create content that will educate, enlighten and entertain your audiences.
  • Write persuasive content that encourages action in prospects and customers and strengthens brand awareness for the company’s solution.
  • Short content for promotional activities
  • Blurbs written for SEO & Social activities
  • Promo Videos (short-length Up to 1 min.)
  • Graphic design
  • Info-graphics
  • Online Flyers
  • Banners/ Headers
  • PDF’s
  • Documents
  • PPTs
  • Horizontal/ Vertical Banners design
  • & more…..
  • Google My Business (GMB) optimization
  • Google maps 3 pack marketing
  • Improve activity on GMB
  • Posts & assets creation for GMB
  • Local keyword strategy
  • Optimize website for local based keywords
  • Geo-targeted optimization
  • Optimize site for voice search
  • Acquire reviews & ratings
  • Local citation building
  • Classified ads
  • Local directory submissions
  • Niche directories
  • General business directories
  • & more…..
  • Video marketing/ distribution
  • Info-graphics distribution
  • PPT distribution
  • Online Flyer distribution
  • PDF distribution
  • Image submissions
  • & more…
  • Optimize for Google Knowledge Graphs
  • Optimize for Google Rich Snippets
  • Questions & Answers
  • Article submissions
  • Press release Submissions
  • Directory Submissions
  • Social Bookmarkings
  • Blog commenting
  • Blogger Outreach
  • & more…
  • Blog postings
  • Press release submissions/ News
  • Blogger outreach
  • Content distribution
  • Article submissions
  • & more
  • Telling brand story through video
  • Promo Video Creation
  • YouTube channel optimization
  • Promote videos on YouTube
  • Video submissions
  • Videos sharing/ distribution
  • Rank videos on Google
  • & more….
  • High authority link building
  • Deep-link submissions
  • Blog link submissions
  • Website link sharing across social channels
  • Build quality links that brings traffic
  • Other one-way linking tactics
  • & more…
  • Social Media Accounts Optimization (FB, LinkedIn, Twitter & YouTube)
  • 100+ Customizable Social Posts made
  • Scheduled posting calendar
  • We create new Videos, info-graphics, Flyers, Blurbs & other promotional materials that you can easily download and add to your social media.
  • & more…

More Law Firm SEO tactics will be implemented as per the requirement to get the desired results.

Car Accident Lawyer Promo Video

Monthly Deliverables/ benchmarks [Assets]


What Results to Expect?

  • Google Page 1 / Google Maps 3 Pack Rankings
  • More organic traffic
  • Increased page views & click-through rates
  • Positive Ratings Improvement on Google My Business/ Maps
  • Overall website traffic improvement
  • Improvement in conversion rate
  • Brand awareness
  • Beat competition on Google results
  • Overall increased Website & Brand activity
  • Domain Authority Improvement
  • 200+ Authority backlinks per month
  • Marketing assets (videos, info-graphics, blog articles etc…)
  • & more…..

These results naturally generates qualified traffic and generate leads.

ranking report
You want to know exactly what’s going on. So do we.

We provide weekly, bi-monthly & monthly reports.


  • Tactics Performed & Posted Links
  • Keyword ranking report
  • Other activity


  • Google Analytics Traffic Report
  • Google My Business Insights Report
  • Social Media Traffic report
  • Keyword ranking comparison report


  • Whole traffic tracking report
  • Google Indexed links report
  • Split testing report (Overall Performance Report)
  • Achievement report (what has been achieved/ improvements made for the month)
  • Before & after start of the work – Results comparison report


HOW IT WORKS (The Take-off)

  • After you Sign-up, Project manager would get in touch with you.
  • Project Manager is the individual that will be handling your account. He is person with whom you would be interacting through e-mails & Skype/ Google meet regarding your projects, work flow and work done reports. He would be dealing with your projects and ensure that the task is completed with perfection and send you Work done & activity reports related to your task. If there are any questions regarding your account please feel free to contact your project manager as often as you would like.
  • Weekly, Bi-weekly & Monthly activity & results tracking reports will be delivered on regular basis.
  • For issues, feedback or anything you would like to escalate/share with us please do not hesitate to reach our customer care or top-level management at the below provided email ids.
  • customer care:
  • Top-level management:

We would need two actions from your side:

(1) For On-site optimization/ Technical SEO; you may choose either option (a) or Option (b) below:

  • Option (a) Share your website credentials or Grant admin access to STAR SEO to make necessary on-site / technical SEO modifications.
  • Option (b) If you do not wish to share the credentials or grant access to your website then we would send the on-site / technical SEO suggestions document so you can make those modifications accordingly.

Note: – Before we make any changes/ modifications or add new things to your website we would send the data for your approval; only upon your approval we would move forward.

(2) Grant manager access (credentials not required) to Google analytics & GMB.

  • We share our Google Drive permission or add you to our basecamp to access/ download all work done/ activity reports. Over there you can comment, give feedback, suggest any inputs etc…
  • However, at any point of time you can contact your project manager via email or skype.
  • No long-term contracts
  • No obligation consultation
  • You can cancel anytime. But we recommended at-least 3 months minimum continuation to get considerable results.
  • you can also opt for 3 months subscription & get up to $200 discount

Our Pricing


Monthly Pricing

Billed Monthly

1st Month – $675

2nd Month – $675

From 3rd Month – $475

3 Months Pricing

Billed for every 3 months – Save $275!

Actual price for whole 3 months: $1825

You Pay $1825 – $275 = $1550 Only!

And YES! Its 3 months FULL payment

Get Started - Simple 2 steps


  • Please choose one subscription of your choice from above. Either Monthly or 3 Months subscription
  • Make payment from your PayPal or through your debit/ credit card.

Send your website

  • Once you sign-up please email your website to:
  • That’s it, You are IN!
  • One of our project managers would get in touch with you
If you have any problem Signing-up from this page then please email to: so we can send you the Invoice.

Law Firm Videos, Podcasting & Interviews

Our extensive Brand marketing knowledge and diverse SEO background allows us to provide you with an excellent Video marketing & Podcasting experience from start to finish every month.



Script -- Your Story will be summarized in a Script & integrated with Voiceover & Music
HD Production
>> Example Video - 1 & Example Video-2
>> Optimization & Distribution of Videos


>> We will send you the Optimized scripts
>> You simply record your voice while reading that scripts & send us your recordings
>> We add intro & promo voice to it & distribute your podcasts


>> We send you interview questions
>>You record or text your answers and send them to STAR team
>> we create assets (Videos, Podcasts, Press Releases etc.. & distribute them.


Videos – Up to 10 (2 to 3 per week)

Podcasting’s – Up to 12 (3 per week)

Interviews – 4 (1 per week)

Price - $875 per month

Let's Get Started

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