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For years we have been keeping our clients businesses on Google Page 1 and ahead of their top competitors on Google search results!

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If you want to rank your website on Google Page 1 and stay ahead of your competition then you have arrived at the right destination. We have a history with 25000+ of web pages optimization and have ranked 22000+ keywords on Google Page 1. With over 16 years of SEO experience and proven track record, We know ‘How to rank’ your website on Google first page with White Hat SEO techniques.

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First, Let the results speak for themselves..

In 8 Billion Competition We are #1

In 8 Billion Competition (8,080,000,00,000) We are #1 position on Google for the keyword google page 1 case study.

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Local SEO & Google My Business Optimization

If Google Maps 3 Pack organic ranking and local business growth is your SEO goal then you need the best SEO agency that handles Google My Business and Local SEO campaign the right way. STAR SEO is dedicated Digital Marketing agency, We can help you achieve your Local SEO goals and make you stay ahead of your competition in Google search results.

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We Know

With over 14 years of SEO experience, We know ‘What to Do’ & ‘How to Do’ to rank your website on Google page 1 without spamming, black-hat or gimmick

Our Experience

Our vast years of work experience, research & analysis, dedication & success stories helped us understand 'What Google Needs and What Google Wants'.

Our Efforts

We put our efforts to rank your website on Google Page 1 for your keywords. We essentially elevate your keyword rankings by performing best SEO practices and do heavy lifting for you by implementing the advanced SEO.

Strong foundation

"You Reap What You Sow.” Get the work done by us 'Correctly' right from the foundation! So, getting your story crafted ‘correctly’ from the beginning with proven SEO tactics then implemented with professionalism is the goal.

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We do website audit to identify the strength and weakness of it. we make sure the on-page factors have met the Google webmaster guidelines. And also make sure the Website is formatted properly for the right keywords, proper indexing and optimization.

Google Safe Strategy

We follow Google guidelines and perform Google friendly, panda & penguin safe tactics & also stay educated on the latest search engine algorithms. We will engage “safe” and “white-hat” SEO compliance to Google Web Master Standard without getting client web pages banned.

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High DA Back-links

Safe Linking

Penguin, Panda, hummingbird and Google latest algorithms started causing problems almost for millions of websites. Unfortunately, many sites have been hit wrongfully by these algorithms. After careful research and analysis and proven recoveries we have developed a new linking structure that is panda/penguin & Google penalty safe. We apply the new SEO proof linking structure to your websites.

You want to know exactly what’s going on. So do we.

We provide weekly & monthly reports that help fine tune your sales & marketing efforts.Ground Zero Report (before start of work)

  • Website audit report (at start of work)
  • Ground zero report (before start of work)
  • Weekly activity report
  • Weekly keyword ranking report
  • Weekly Google Analytics & GMB report (for local kws)
  • Monthly keyword ranking comparison report (before & after)
  • Monthly impressions, rankings, traffic and achievements report
  • Monthly Video Meeting (once or twice) with Project Manager
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Project Management

We use GDrive, Basecamp, Trello, or Active Collab etc. for Project Management and grant you access to view or download the activity reports, keywords ranking report and other reports.


Most frequently asked questions and answers

It depends on the keyword competition and website we target. Time frame varies from keyword to keyword and website to website. Typically it takes 180 days, 120 days, 60 days, 45 days, 30 days, 1 week, or sometimes may be just 1 day!! Yes, there are cases where we ranked some websites on Google Page 1 within 24 hours. So let’s see what best we can offer you after analyzing your website & keywords.

  • Websites (New, Old & Penalized*)
  • Business Listings
  • Videos
  • Blogs & Content Links
  • Info-Graphics (Images)
  • Social Sites
  • Press releases
  • Articles
  • Presentations
  • Articles
  • Presentations
  • PDFs/ eBooks
  • & other asses that Google accepts

Depends on the keyword. Google fist page ranking can be achieved for almost all types of keywords if both the onsite SEO and Off page SEO is done well right from the foundation by following Google guidelines. But the real question is how long does it take Google to rank it on first page. And what type of asset (website, content, social link, video etc..) we want to rank on Google page 1 by what time period.

Focus on perfect keyword grouping & keyword integration, Design & develop User friendly website, unique engaging & well optimized content, Winning titles, On-page factors should meet Google webmaster guidelines, Install webmaster tools, social optimization, content strategy, Well scheduled off page optimization and STRICTLY NO BLACK-HAT & NO SPAMMING.

You don’t have to depend on paid advertising (Unless its Urgent!) to rank your website on Google page 1 as it can be achieved with Organic SEO tactics and of-course for free without spending a penny for paid ads. You will have to work on Onsite SEO, OFF page, content strategy, link building and getting more traffic to your website.

Depending on the target keyword, business name or brand name and type of asset you are targeting, there are chances to get on Google page 1 in 24 hours. It depends on the keyword competition too. 90% there is no possibility to get on the Google page 1 in 24 hours but for easiest keywords, Yes!

  • Very High & High competition
  • Medium & Low competition
  • Generic & Geo-Targeted/ Location specific
  • Products & Service based
  • Seasonal keywords
  • eCommerce keywords
  • Brand Keywords
  • Event Keywords
  • Commercial Keywords

Typically professional SEO agencies like STAR SEO, fee starts from $275 per month. For up to 5 keywords you may have to spend minimum of $600 to $1200 to be on Google page 1. However, price may vary depending on the size of the project, type of keywords and number of keywords.

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The pricing depends on the size of your project. Once we analyze your website & an number of keywords you would like to target, we can quote accordingly. We never take advantage of your need; we can do things pretty inexpensively.

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